Linkedin is the world's biggest professional social network site. Every 3rd professional in the world is actively using LinkedIn. This is not it LinkedIn bloggers have 50% of traffic to B2B Blogs is driven by Linkedin. To be on LinkedIn, B2B marketers can find their next business partner, introduce their company to potential customers, and attract star talent to join their companies as employees. LinkedIn is among the best network to generate leads. On top of this, traditional techniques such as mentioning interesting content do not help drive traffic from relevant sources. Undoubtedly, LinkedIn offers a personal approach of identifying potential leads to engaging and turning them into customers. Most business owners and sales professionals promote the industry best practices tips and useful content for their prospects on Linkedin. Consequently, this provides a kick start to a discussion ultimately leading to sales.


According to Hubspot, LinkedIn has a slightly different audience from other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The major difference being; LinkedIn increases the opportunity to make sales. Customers and prospects are more likely to post questions and needs, 18% is group-related posts which allows the B2B marketers to identify new leads.

Therefore, you will be able to understand whether your prospects are engaging with you before investing time or resources into a campaign or advertisement. 

Be sure to focus on the above stats while preparing your next social media strategy.


Growing on the network is very much necessary for being visible. We want to expand our network on Linkedin. When you connect and engage with the right people on LinkedIn, professional opportunities will emerge. Plus, you’ll naturally be in a better position to add value to your network members.

A smarter LinkedIn network will open doors for you and your business



  1. Use the Linkedin publishing tool at least 4 times a week
  2. Create 1-2 updates every day. brand Image have better responses than links
  3. Use image with Call-To-Action 
  4. Use the 4-1-1 rule of social media here as well
  5. Try to reach out to all your connection at least twice a quarter with a general update



  1. Make your integrated part of your marketing campaign
  2. Post regularly on your company page (Engaging Titles, Clean & Huge Image)?
  3. Ask employees to follow the company page
  4. Use call-to-action in posts
  5. Use sponsored updates
  6. Analyze best performing post types, audience & time by page analytics tab

If we talk about Brand Awareness, Linkedin is one of the powerful and easy ways to qualify your audience for brand awareness campaigns. LinkedIn helps marketers achieve these objectives through organic and paid content with sophisticated targeting to ensure you’re gaining awareness with the right people. In-depth analytics tools allow you to meaningfully report on results and prove the impact of your digital branding campaigns.




Linkedin direct Ads are available to anyone in India that has a credit card and can spend a minimum of Rs.500/ day. When you will find the cost of LinkedIn ads you will find them 10 times costlier than Facebook but the advantage LinkedIn provides is the precise targeting of people.



Create an ad: This will help you create an image ad with text that will be available on the right side of your account generally. Using such ads you can either promote your website or your Linkedin page


Sponsor Content: This option is identical to Facebook-sponsored stories. Here you can create sponsored stories about the content you’ve posted on the page and show it to targeted users on their home feed.



Also, you can choose the targeting option for your campaign. You're targeting a quality audience in a professional context. Subsequently, market to influencers, decision-makers, and executives who act on new opportunities. LinkedIn offers some incredibly powerful targeting options for B2B marketers. You can choose from over 20 different audience attribute categories, including:

  1. Demographic Information
  2. Members Group
  3. Education 
  4. Job Experience
  5. Functions & Skills
  6. Seniority, Job Title, or Experience
  7. Interests        

The ‘Company targeting’ feature allows you to serve ads to the decision-makers at the companies of your choice.


The next step is to integrate the credit card & start your campaign. You can choose to use a lifetime budget, a daily budget, or a combination of the two. In addition to budget and schedule, you’ll need to select your bid type.

When you create a LinkedIn campaign, you have an option to select the type of bidding strategy. When you set your bid and optimize goal, this instructs the algorithm how you would like your budget to be spent and what goal to be optimized to get desired results. Hence, you will be billed for clicks, impressions, or video views, depending on your bidding strategy type. However, not all bid types are available across every campaign objective.


There are 4 main LinkedIn type strategies:

  1. Automated Bidding (CPM)
  2. MAXIMUM CPC Bidding
  3. Enhanced CPC Bidding
  4. CPM Bidding

Linkedin B2B marketing is smart marketing and, frankly, a no-brainer for reaching your audience faster and generating more quality leads.

Linkedin is nearly ubiquitous for B2B marketers. You can do the same. Find your audience on LinkedIn, learn about them, and achieve your marketing objectives. 

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